a small room lit with an intense blue light with two speakers and a subwoofer a screenshot of textured, layered images from a webpage two people hold cones to their ears with solar panels on near a bright LED light Jayne speaking to a room of people close up of hand cutting tape in the background, screenshot of PD patch and video of Jayne playing homemade electronic instrument in foreground Jayne walks through an underground carpark running a drum stick along railings Jayne stands in the centre of Alphabetti Theatre with low lighting and a full crowd in raked seating A door with black fabric across is open and outside the gallery the walls are plastered with blue prints textured green glass and Jayne performing with bells around her wrists Jayne speaks into a microphone with a collage of landscape images as a background a circular piece of wood with organic material collaged on it leans against a blue fence a performer stands in a black dress wearing a mask made of moss, holding a blue bowl of chalk a glass panel with a photocollage of a hand and the sea leans on top of a concrete block