Me Lost Me (2017 - present)

Ongoing electronic music project (live/recorded)

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Me Lost Me is an experimental songwriting project that brings together influences from electronic, experimental, folk, ambient and art pop to create music that occupies the space between genres, using primarily voice, electronics, field recordings, live looping and occasional concertina, banjo and bodhran. Me Lost Me has toured the UK extensively and released two albums and two EPs.

"Stripping folk back to its bones while letting its future echoes bleed out" - The Guardian

Fast-Forward, Re-Wild (2021)

Commissioned by Middlesbrough Sonic Arts Week

This work imagines a future town centre with its buildings as a series of cliff faces, re-wilded and now home to colonies of birds. It proposes a function for the high street beyond buying things, asks us to reconsider what public space is for and to think about our connection to the natural world as we go about our day. It is made up of five parts, consisting of field recordings, voice and synthesised sounds.

These pieces are site specific, located around Middlesbrough Town Centre and were designed to be experienced using the geolocating Echoes app.

Connections (2021)

Commissioned by VODA and North Shields Heritage Action Zone

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A piece inspired by exercise books full of notes about radio transmissions, discovered during a visit to a preserved ex-servants' quarters in North Shields, this song is about connectivity and technology in the early 20th century, and about how the residents of this room might have imagined communicating with the world beyond. Video by Robin Fry, Photographs by Eye of the Tyne Photography.

Augmented reality (2021)

Commissioned by Monkfish Productions

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An audio piece and lino print to accompany and guide the listener through liminal spaces, actively encouraging the interruption of sounds and impressions from the environment around the listener to ‘finish assembling’ the piece. Download for free and take it with you on a walk.

a glass panel with a photocollage of a hand and the sea leans on top of a concrete block

New narratives for the North East (2020)

Podcast music commissioned by Sonderbug Productions

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A piece of music built from field recordings from around the North East, beginning with the sound of the tilting Millennium Bridge and zooming out to a birds eye view of the region, incorporating cities, industry, people, hills, woodlands and the coast. Composed to reflect the content of the New Narratives for the North East podcast, which features new poetry by local writers across four podcast episodes.

New Writing North · New Narratives for the North East: Episode 1: Sing The North

The walled garden (2020)

Presented as part of Newcastle University's Creative Arts Practice MA online degree show.

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Sound, video and interactive web design come together to capture something of the sprawling nature of creative practice within a single collaged environment. The Walled Garden is a metaphor for the digital space, a place where we can move freely within reason and observe life but one which is ultimately planted, manipulated and facilitated by powerful structures inaccessible to most of its visitors. The piece explores the relationships between liveness and the internet, organic material and digital approximations, chance elements and audience interactions with curated online spaces. A fragmented video is set in a webpage that expands the collage into the web browser; with each 'scene change' or page reload a randomised section appears with a new heading and background.

Solstice broadcast (2020)

Streamed live from the Star and Shadow Cinema for the 12 hour Solstice Celebration, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A live audio improvisation using electronics and voice responding to the occasion of the solstice, with accompanying manipulated and looped video of the construction process of a well dressing in the Derbyshire folk tradition.

two people hold cones to their ears with solar panels on near a bright LED light

The waves like braids, unravelling (2020)

Exhibited as part of the 'Shifting Sands' Festival in Scarborough Market Hall.

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A composition made in collaboration with the Women Artists of the North East Library in response to material from their archive. Through approaching the library collection as a mesh of textures and interweaving stories, a piece of music is made that journeys through electric and acoustic spaces, inner and outer worlds, evoking the touch of fabric and water on skin. Samples collide and fade and lay across each other, replicating the tangled nature of the archive and wild water currents.

Crazy for lovin' you (2019)

Performed at Culture Lab, Newcastle upon Tyne.

A collage centered around an audio improvisation using a digitally augmented Appalacian dulcimer, hooked up to a Pure Data patch which manipulates drones based on the resistance in the conductive thread controller. Other onscreen elements include a looped video of Daphne Oram cutting tape, and the live performance includes a performed text piece as the video plays behind and a sample of Patsy Cline's 'Crazy'.

Jam cones (2019)

Exhibited as part of The Late Shows at the Star and Shadow Cinema, Newcastle upon Tyne.

An interactive installation made in collaboration with Alison Liang and Mengqui Xu, participants are invited to pick up and listen to the cones which use a solar panel to create a drone, its pitch and volume altered by the amount of light reaching the surface. It is a playful exploration of sensory stimulation, presenting an alternative way of observing the ambient light and sounds of a space.

two people hold cones to their ears with solar panels on near a bright LED light

Mayday! (2018)

Performed at EC124HCPH, Copenhagen (DK).

A semi-improvised performance piece proposing what Mayday spring celebrations might become in an imagined future world completely removed from nature. Performed alongside a light installation where the windows are painted with green slimey paint, giving the room a strange, artificial green glow that changes throughout the day with the outside light.

How porous the stone, how tuned the ear (2017)

Performed as part of a city art-walk between Splab and Ceresbyen 1A, made during a residency at Godsbanen for Aarhus City of Culture, Aarhus (DK).

A performance which uses the strange acoustic properties of an underground carpark to highlight everyday architecture. The audience is encouraged to place their ears over holes in concrete pillars which act as an acoustic funnel, distorting and amplifying the sounds in the space. The very simple performance consists of singing the phrase "how porous the stone, how tuned the ear" before hitting and dragging a drum stick along a fence the length of the car park. The sung phrase alludes to theories of why cave paintings came to be in certain locations, with some believing it is linked to acoustic properties of the caves.

audience members listen to performance through holes in concrete pillars
Jayne walks through an underground carpark running a drum stick along railings

A hand in wet concrete a foot in the sea and all things between are between you and me (2016)

Made and exhibited as part of a residency at AIR Antwerpen (BE).

A collection of sculptural, audio and video artifacts exploring the history of the city's port and themes of industry, connectedness, intimacy and loneliness in a modern city.

a grey block of foam on the floor with handprint
a glass panel with a photocollage of a hand and the sea leans on top of a concrete block