Jayne Dent is an interdisciplinary artist, musician and composer based in Newcastle upon Tyne (UK), with a practice centered around improvisation, electronic composition, digital collage and print. She regularly performs and releases experimental electronic folk music as solo act Me Lost Me, a major avenue for her creative practice. She also plays live semi-improvised music with acts including Emergency Librarian 2, Halcyon Jane and Noize Choir. Her audio-visual and performance work has been exhibited across the UK and Europe, gaining recent attention for her web-based A-V and livestream collage pieces. Alongside a consistant output of original musical and artistic works, Dent also works in composition for media, including commissions for podcasts, animation and artist films. She leads community music and art workshops and is a host of a quarterly show on CAMPFR radio and monthly show on Slack's radio.

The work is often driven by a desire to explore the concept of 'future folk' in an expansive sense across artistic discipline and platform, by not just incorporating storytelling and aesthetic motifs associated with 'folk', but by exploring the forums in which people tell their stories and modern myths today, and the resources and tools that are at hand. It is often playful; exploring expressive, community focused experiences that defy genre and situational norms. Other common threads throughout her work are an interest in site/landscape, technology and nature.

Growing up surrounded by the communal music making of folk sessions in Derbyshire, she moved to Newcastle-upon-Tyne in 2013 to study Fine Art, where she was exposed to performance and sound art, instigating her passion for looping, vocal experimentation and explorations of cross-genre and cross-disciplinary practice. With a very open approach to creativity, Jayne is happy to let the ideas take the form they make most sense in at that time, whether that be a lino print, a folk ballad or a noisy and glitchy video collage - her holistic approach means they are all one and the same and treated with equal reverance, enthusiasm and playfulness. This approach has won her supporters across many fields, as she resists being defined by one creative outlet, and finds her niche instead in the combining and collaging of many influences.

"One heck of a potent brew" - Electronic Sound Magazine (Me Lost Me - The Good Noise, 2020)